Having the title of the most renowned, most successful, and the overall best raidbot in the history of Discord, Pambot holds the record for the current largest raid ever performed on the discord platform, and much more. The premium Discord raidbot has not only redefined its own category, but has brought forth a new standard of excellence in creation of two new categories - Version Lite, and RS.

(Pambot拥有有史以来在discord平台上进行的最大突袭的记录等等。 Pambot是Discord历史上最知名,最成功,最全面的raidbot,优质Discord raidbot不仅重新定义了自己的类别,而且还创造了两个新类别的新标准 - Version Lite和RS。)

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The effect


When the activation command is initiated, Pam will quickly change server settings, delete and add things, spam various lag-causing characters, as well as change it’s status. All of which contribute to a complete server crash in which every person sharing a server with Pam will be unable to use discord. This will remain until Pam is manually disabled. In addition to the crash, Pam will quickly change the server name in a scrolling animation like fashion, thus making it impossible to edit server settings, as every second the user would be forced to “save”, or “cancel”, the changes the bot makes. This means Pam cannot be banned nor removed, and anyone in that server cannot leave.
Pam will ban anybody that goes offline during this time. Meaning everybody in the server as a result of the crash. Also, due to Discord's API changes which limit autoban functionality, Pam is currently the only bot capable of mass banning. Pam will create unlimited channels and roles titled as you please, as well as message the chat(s) with a custom, continuous message.


Pam將禁止任何在此期間下線的人,這意味著服務器中的每個人都將因崩潰而被禁止。此外,由於Discord的API更改限制了自動功能,Pam是目前唯一能夠大規模禁止人員的機器人程序。 Pam將根據您的需要創建無限制的頻道和角色,並使用自定義的連續消息向聊天發送消息。


The history


Using Pam's one of a kind concealment strategy, we have successfully utilized Pam's specialty in notable servers for large scale games, and companies with ease. Take a look at our use of Pambot Lite in the official Pixel Gun 3D* Discord server here, as well as in our largest raid (which marked the largest raid ever performed on the Discord platform) here.

使用Pam獨一無二的隱藏策略,我們成功地將Pam的專長用於大型遊戲和公司的顯著服務器。在這裡看看我們在官方Pixel Gun 3D * Discord服務器中使用Pambot Lite,以及我們最大的收購(這標誌著Discord平台上有史以來最大的收購)。

*Pixel Gun 3D:
A mobile shooter game for Android and IOS. On the Google Play store Pixel Gun 3D has over 50 million installs, over 4 million reviews, and is an editor recommendation. On the Apple App Store, Pixel Gun 3D places 14th in Simulation, and has over 350 thousand reviews. They also have a twitter page with over 200 thousand followers. At the time of Our Pam initiation, the Discord server had over 1,000 members.

適用於Android和IOS的移動射擊遊戲。在Google Play商店中,Pixel Gun 3D已經安裝了超過5000萬次,超過400萬次評論,並且是編輯推薦。在Apple App Store上,Pixel Gun 3D在Simulation中排名第14,擁有超過35萬的評論。他們還有一個超過20萬粉絲的推特頁面。在Pam啟動時,Discord服務器有超過1,000名成員。

The concealing


Pam is designed to be perceived as a regular automod bot (one that is trusted and established in over 200 servers, but we cannot reveal its name publicly), or can be concealed as another popular bot such as MEE6 or Dyno. Pam comes fully packed with automod features, and fun commands. Pambot has an official site and a listing on Discordbots.org

Pam旨在被視為一個常規的automod機器人(一個在200多台服務器上受信任,但我們不能公開透露它的名字),或者可以被隱藏為另一個流行的機器人,如MEE6或Dyno。 Pam充滿了automod功能和有趣的命令。 Pambot在Discordbots.org上有一個官方網站和一個列表

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Demonstration (示範)

Pambot v1.0

Pambot Lite

Powerfully simple.

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A notable history.


Pambot Lite has the highest success rate of any bot we have ever made (including test and beta versions) by a drastic amount. With Pambot Lite, we have seized notable, and large scale servers as well as small ones. Nowhere does Pambot Lite fail. Our current most notable server held by Pambot Lite is "gnarly", a server of (at the time of the raid) 4267 members, marking the largest raid ever performed on the Discord platform. Footage can be seen below, or you can view it here.

Pambot Lite在我們製作的任何機器人(包括測試版和測試版)中的成功率都是最高的。通過Pambot Lite,我們接管了大型服務器和小型服務器。 Pambot Lite沒有任何缺陷,這是一項完美的工作。我們目前最好的服務器收購是“gnarly”,一個服務器(在突襲時)4267名成員,標誌著有史以來在Discord平台上進行的最大突襲。視頻可以在下面看到,或者你可以在這裡查看

Less is more.


Pambot Lite makes your interaction(s) with Pam simpler, and more intuitive. Pambot Lite refines your experience and brings a more simplistic version of Pambot. One which simply assigns you an invisible role with admin permissions, as well as the highest role Pam can provide using only 3 commands. This allows you to be above the server's 'member' role, and have the power to utilize it.

Pambot Lite使您與Pam的交互更簡單,更直觀。 Pambot Lite改進了您的體驗,並帶來了更簡單的Pam版本。此版本只是為您分配一個具有管理員權限的隱形角色,以及Pam只使用3個命令可以為您提供的最高角色。這使您可以高於服務器的“成員”角色,並有權使用它。

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The experience (我們的經驗)

Pambot Lite v1.0

In "gnarly" server takeover



Purchase (采购)

Pambot & Pambot Lite